The Phone Hacking Scandal

Axe Machete E-ToolFive people were injured when a man, wearing a mask fashioned from the front page of News of the World’s last edition, started hacking phones with a machete.

All five people were carrying their phones at the time.

The attacker focused his assault on the mobile phones, allowing victims to flee the scene when they dropped their phones.

During the attack the machete-wielding man shouted, “I’ll show you what phone-hacking really is, you idiots! This is hacking! That other crap is cracking! Cracking you ignorant morons!”

The injured were treated for deep cuts to the head, hands, trouser pockets, and handbags.

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One Response to The Phone Hacking Scandal

  1. kittychunk says:

    When asked to comment, Rupert Murdoch claimed no link to this latest phone-hacking scandal, citing the tiny fraction of the phone-owning population that was actually hacked as being “so close to zero that it may as well be zero, and since it’s zero, nothing happened really.”

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